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Development Phases

The words Newhaven and Regeneration belong together like Cheese and Biscuits.  For so long have the town’s residents been promised Regeneration that many have adopted the word as part of their heritage, but, at the same time, regard it as a sort of Utopia that will never arrive.

However .......... in the last few years a few things have begun to happen.

First of all Phase One of Oakdene Homes West Quay development plan was approved and is now in existence.  This is an area alongside the west bank of the River Ouse, south of the A27 road bridge, which was partly a riverside road, and for the rest unused and featureless piece of land.

The riverside road has been replaced by an attractive walkway and cycle path. Built on part of the land are houses and flats in rather striking colours and the remainder is a grassed open space with shrubs and trees planted and hoping to gain a permanent hold on life.

For the fishing fleet, some of the berths have been renovated and both a fish processing station and a direct selling fresh fish outlet have been built.

And, as mentioned on the Lifeboat page, a brand new station for the lifeboat has been constructed.

That is not all ..............

Phase Two of the West Quay development was completed.  This extends southwards between Fort Road and the river bank from the Phase One site up to the northern boundary of the Marina. Phase Three plans to include the Marina itself and adjacent land were submitted and approved but then Oakdene went into administration.

Persimmon Homes completed their Mariners Wharf development of 33 apartments in 2004 opposite the former Villa Adriana and Yacht Club building.

And then what happens .................. ?

A huge scrap metal feature appears on the opposite bank - and is still there and thriving.

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