Ouse Valley


Environmental and Conservation Initiative

Several acres of land around the former line of the river Ouse, east of the Newhaven port and its adjacent business sites, have been set aside  as an environmental area.

Used to having such things as sewage & desalination plants, waste incinerators, scrap heaps and such like thrust upon them this most pleasant initiative has come as a major surprise to residents.

Stated to be primarily for wildlife and landscape conservation but also for public enjoyment, this site is at a very embryonic stage but the long term potential for new wildlife habitats is encouraging.

With a roughly equal split, part is laid out as wet meadow land and the remainder as reed beds.  Hundreds of small trees and shrubs have been planted and hopefully will survive in their very exposed position.

Entries on local bird-watching web sites over the next few years should reflect the success or otherwise of this location.

In May 2006 the pathways were extended and it became possible to walk or cycle from Newhaven, through the Conservation Park and Tide Mills, to Seaford 

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