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Newhaven News January to December 2015

December 2015

Shopping was given a boost for Christmas and New Year with an announcement that parking for up to two hours would cost only 10p at Dacre Road multi-storey, Lower Place and West Quay car parks until January 2. On December 12, parking in the town will be completely free.

September 2015

Newhaven Swing Bridge is set to have another temporarily closure in September after being shut for five nights during August. The £1 million refurbishment project is nearing completion

August 2015

Newhaven Port and Properties have had plans approved to build a new berth and slipway, and to deepen a channel to upgrade facilities on the east bank. Concerns were expressed that this would involve the loss of an important part of Tide Mills.

June 2015

35 walkers from Newhaven’s twin town in France, La Chapelle St Mesmin near Orleans, joined members from Newhaven Twinning Association and Newhaven Ramblers to enjoy walks in the South Downs when they came to visit.

May 2015

Travelodge announced that it is looking to open a hotel in the town as part of a plan to open more sites in key port locations but did not give either a timetable or a location.

March 2015

A repeat of last year’s Festival of Sound at Newhaven Fort is planned with 1000 tickets available compared to 400. The event will include lasers, fireworks and live music.

February 2015

After all that had gone before Newhaven’s long-running attempt to register the West Beach as a Village Green failed when the Supreme Court upheld NPP’s challenge to the Appeal Court’s ruling in 2013. Newhaven mayor Judith Ost was quoted as saying “This is very disappointing news for the residents of Newhaven, who we know have been hoping and praying that our application to safeguard the beach for their use would succeed.

January 2015

Work started on construction of a Fire Station at a new location in Meeching Road. When completed the current facility at Fort Road will be transferred there.

Disappointment was expressed regarding potential ambience and appearance of Newhaven’s new library due to open in March 2015.  It will be located within the ground floor of a building in High Street with a visible staircase to unfinished empty upper floor.


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