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Magic & Logic met in 1957, married in 1959, and immediately made their home in Brighton.  The talent of their son Boffin is in computers and without his help this website may well not have happened.

Magic, the artistic one, with earlier interests in dressmaking and embroidery, found she had a particular flair for cutting and decorating eggshells. Having established her trade in 1982 she ever since sought to develop her skills in this delicate craft. In support of Magic, both Logic and Boffin were increasingly drawn into the fascinating World of Crafts and came to appreciate its diversely talented people. Sadly Magic died in November 2011 after being diagnosed with a terminal illness in June of that year.

Logic does the writing and communicating and after  working for nearly 20 years as a professional accountant, used nearly 30 more looking after the finances of a furniture manufacturing company with headquarters at the Port of Newhaven in Sussex. He believes that this South Coast town has much more to it than meets the eye.

Together Magic, Logic & Boffin discovered Iceland, a country of great beauty and interest, and whilst there experienced several times the strange feeling that they were the only people on the planet.

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