Iceland Clockwise


Nudging the arctic circle, Iceland is a long way from the top of most people’s intended holiday destinations. As a result you can truly describe it as unspoiled. A circuit of this island reveals a country of great beauty and interest with, in the summer months at least, a climate which is not hostile and, at times, even quite warm.

Route One Clockwise round Iceland in eight stages

In his book Iceland - Natures Meeting Place, Mark Carwardine enthuses about driving around the perimeter of Iceland. It has only been possible since 1974 when the final stretch of 34 kilometres of Route One was completed. 

He writes " It is an experience you will never forget. There are few places in the world where you can drive past and through such varied landscapes - green valleys, fjords, volcanoes, lava fields and glaciers - in just a few days.

You can drive for hours without seeing another car which is something to do with the fact that outside the main towns much of the roadway is not surfaced.  Potholes, grooves, boulders, loose gravel and many other obstacles are the order of the day.

Heavy rain can make the roads even more hazardous but, after no rain they become a rally drivers dream of dusty, winding, narrow, hilly tracks when you are followed by a thick cloud of dust even at the speeds permitted"

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Stage One: Reykjavik to Budir

Stage Two: Budir to Myvatn via Akureyri

Stage Three: Lake Myvatn and the Sulphur Fields

Stage Four: Myvatn to Egilsstadir

Stage Five: Egilsstadir to Höfn

Stage Six: Höfn to Skaftafell

Stage Seven: Skaftafell to Hella

Stage Eight: Hella to Reykjavik

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