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Heirloom Eggs by Primrose held regular egg decorating stands at fairs in Brighton Centre, Goodwood House, Penshurst Place and Parham Park during the years from 1982 to 1998. Yellow information leaflets with the business logo on the right became a familiar sight at these and many other Craft Fair venues in Sussex and Kent during this period.

Apart from building her own collection of a portfolio of high quality items illustrating the various facets of her craft Primrose handcrafted and sold well over 11000 individual items.

The Egg Decorators Guild is the national body representing the craft in Great Britain. It has succeeded in raising the profile of this intricate work and strives constantly to improve standards through training seminars. Primrose was member number 511 of the Guild and encourages those developing an interest to make early contact with the organisation.

Heirloom Eggs creations are real eggshells: ostrich, rhea, emu, goose, turkey, duck, chicken, pigeon, pheasant, and quail, individually handcrafted and decorated.

Although all are decorated externally, most have intricately cut openings too, in a wide variety of styles, to allow development of a theme inside. These may also have hinged doors or other opening devices. Some designs are for clocks, jewel boxes or musical boxes.

Eggshells are given up to fourteen coats of paint or varnish, providing additional strength and durability, as well as colour, texture and finish.

All are mounted on individual bases. Singly they provide an ornamental and unusual conversation piece and, complemented by others, form a striking and colourful collection.

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Rhea Ostrich and Goose

The eggs of British wild birds are protected by law.  Please do not even think of using them for this craft.

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