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A scenic, clean, well organised, thriving up-market town with top class leisure facilities.  That is what Newhaven is not.

Starting with the Now & Then button, visit these gateways for a critical but sympathetic view of what is happening in the South Coast port of Newhaven in Sussex, situated just twelve miles east of Brighton.

30 May 2011

Windjammer Legend Sea Cloud visits Newhaven - click link below for pictures

Media covering this area:
BBC Sussex
Southern FM
The Argus
Sussex Express
and until June 2005 - The pedestrian bridge over North Way

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March 2017

Based on an email received, Sussex Express released an amazing and most interesting story linking “Ace of Spies” Sidney George Reilly with the murder of a girl who had worked in 1898 at Newhaven’s once famous London and Paris Hotel and later in 1908 disappeared from London’s Hotel Cecil.

February 2017

Newhaven Coastguards reported sightings of a substance which may be Palm Oil on the beaches between Rottingdean and Saltdean.

January 2017

According to the Environment Agency, it is, in partnership with Lewes District Council, developing a scheme to “reduce flood risk from the sea and the river along the Ouse valley to approximately 430 homes and 390 businesses in and around Newhaven including local infrastructure such as the road network, railway tracks and railway station.”

The scheme it says will be designed to provide a 1 in 200 year standard of protection that Newhaven will experience of flooding from the sea or River Ouse. The scheme covers both banks of Newhaven, including the commercial areas near the port. The work is scheduled to be completed by autumn 2019. Details are available at:

www.gov.uk/government/publications/newhaven-flood-alleviation-scheme/newhaven-flood-alleviatio n-scheme

December 2016

The Rampion wind farm is due to become more visible with construction of the planned wind turbine generators. Turbine installation is due to commence in the spring and continue throughout 2017.  Constructors E.on say that “The nearest turbine to shore will be 13 km (8 miles) out and the site will feature 116 turbines, each 3.45 MW in capacity, giving the project a total generating capacity of 400 MW. Each of the turbines will be 85 mtrs tall to the hub height, and 140 mtrs to blade tip.”

November 2016

The Rampion project reached a significant milestone in November 2016 as installation of all 116 turbine foundations was completed on scheduleE.on also say that the yellow transition pieces have been fitted on to the foundations and now sit approximately 20 metres above sea level ready to hold the turbines.

October 2016

Argos is reported to be opening an outlet within Sainsbury's Newhaven store after the supermarket chain bought the retailer's parent company

September 2016

Mysterious artworks of wooden birds appeared overnight in various places in Newhaven and Seaford.

August 2016

A Newhaven surgery gained an 'outstanding' rating as one of the best in the country after a recent Care Quality Commission inspection.

July 2016

A combined Lifeboat, Helicopter and Coastguard water display is expected to take place in Seaford Bay during July.

The cable laying and electrical elements of the Rampion wind farm are due to commence this month.  The actual site although sourced from Newhaven, is located and will be visible offshore between Hove and Worthing

June 2016

A rare beetle which hadn’t been seen in Sussex for more than 100 years has been found at a farm near Bishopstone. The colourful beetle, know as the Sycophant  was identified by Sussex Wildlife Trust’s ecologist Graeme Lyons


May 2016

Five people including a child were found hiding in the back of a lorry at Newhaven. The National Crime Agency had warned that following tighter security at Britain’s major ports, criminal immigration gangs are now attempting to smuggle migrants into the UK through quieter ports such as Newhaven.

April 2016

The Duke of Gloucester described Newhaven’s Saxon House multi-services hub as a “building of great harmony” at the opening ceremony. Accompanied by Lord Lieutenant Peter Field, he was welcomed by East Sussex Fire Service’s Chief Fire Officer, Gary Walsh, and Deputy Chief Constable Robin Smith.

A 50 mph speed limit on the A259 Buckle between Newhaven and Seaford has been put in place.

February 2016

A death certificate has been issued after 42 years when the High Court ruled Lord Lucan now to be dead. The peer vanished when his children's nanny was found murdered in London and the borrowed car Lord Lucan was using at the time was found a few days later at Newhaven. He was first declared dead in 1999, despite several subsequent unverified sightings, The new ruling gives his son, Lord Bingham, the right to inherit the family title and he was quoted as saying "I am very happy with the judgement of the court in this matter.

January 2016

The Newhaven based offshore part of the Rampion wind farm development began with the foundation installation.  This is expected to continue throughout the year and into 2017. Details available at:

www.eonenergy.com/About-eon/our-company/generation/planning-for-the-future/wind/offshore/rampion-offshore-wind-farm/project-informatio n

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