Iceland - Part 6


Part Six H÷fn to Skaftafell

After another single night stop we moved on again - this time to Skaftafell located at about six o'clock.  Another spectacular drive this time along the south coast around the base of Vatnaj÷kull Ice-cap stopping awhile at the glacial lagoon

At 8400 square kilometres, Vatnaj÷kull is greater in size than all the glaciers and ice caps of mainland Europe added together

To visit the central parts of Iceland a four-wheel drive vehicle is essential and indeed it is an offence to drive on any road having an F prefix without four-wheel drive


Our car was a 2 litre petrol engined Nissan Almera.  It had performed faultlessly and stood up amazingly well to the hammering given to its suspension by the long distances on unmade roads. The life of a hire car cannot be too long in these conditions

After three successive single night stops we had the luxury of two at Skaftafell.  This gave us the opportunity to explore the hills of Skaftafell National Park at leisure on our free day which was also Primrose's birthday

The park is one of the few green areas in Iceland and is nearer to the sort of scene we are used to than anywhere else in the country.  It became a National Park in 1967 and is open only from the beginning of June to mid-September

Looking out to sea from high up on the cliffs you could see what appeared to be a road on stilts running parallel to the shoreline about half a mile away. The water was made up from thousands of shallow rivulets of ice-melt flowing from the glaciers way out into the distance across a low flat area of rock and the road was in fact the beginning of our next leg of Route One.

We could not resist  driving out to take a closer look after dinner and were rewarded by some more stunning scenes and a spectacular midnight sunset

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