Iceland - Part 8


Part Eight Hella to Reykjavik

The last lap of our journey was of course from Hella to Reykjavik where we visited the Botanical Gardens before giving up our Almera to which we had become very attached. On the way we drove for a while alongside the massive pipeline carrying hot water to Reykjavik from nearby geothermal energy plants. Homes have been provided with cheap heating and hot water in this way for more than 60 years.

We had one more full day left and we chose a whale watching trip.

Unfortunately we did not see any killers or minkies - just plenty of dolphins which put on a fine display as soon as they realised our boat was in their vicinity.

We did see a gannet for a while with its huge black tipped white wings appearing almost luminous in the dull grey sky. A wonderful sight which went a long way to compensating for the lack of whales.

What a magnificent Island. Two intensive weeks but still so many things left to do.

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