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Newhaven News January to December 2014

December 2014

AMCO commenced work on the refurbishment of the mechanism of Newhaven’s 40 year old swing bridge.  If some night time closures were needed they would be announced in advance.

A huge fire lasting several days broke out at Newhaven Waste site with dense smoke causing problems in various directions as the strong winds shifted around.

Wave Leisure are reportedly negotiating with LDC to take over management of Newhaven Fort with an agreement to last 10 years.

Excitement in the world of lepidopterists was caused by the discovery of a rare moth at the Castle Hill Nature Reserve.  The Oleander Hawk Moth has striking markings and can have a wingspan of up to 13 cms.  Sightings had not been reported anywhere in Sussex for about 20 years.

A Christmas Shopping event described as an “Extravaganza” was held in the High Street along with Decorations, Market Stalls and Music.

November 2014

Final plans for the Rampion offshore wind farm were released but as yet no final timetable for the project.

After hearing two days of argument relating to NPP’s West Beach appeal the Supreme Court decision on this matter will not be given until the New Year.

A grant of £23900 was received by Newhaven from the Heritage Lottery Fund for a project relating to the role of Newhaven in WW1. The essence is to be a “Poppy Trail” visiting significant locations of that time describing the contribution of the town at each of those points.

Continuance of the Dieppe ferry service for another year was made known and this to be operated under the DFDS banner.  The possibility of arranging high season sailings to allow day trips was under consideration.

MP Norman Baker announced he was quitting his role a Government Minister expressing some disquiet with the circumstances in which he had been working.

October 2014

A date in November emerged for the hearing of the West Beach Appeal at the Supreme Court.  It was also made known that Sky News would be feeding it live to television.

Newhaven Fort added to its calendar a new event with the title “Festival of Sound” described as a kaleidoscope of colour and waves of sound.  With the Fort floodlit an audience of several hundred enjoyed a variety of performances ending with the obligatory firework display.

September 2014

LDC caused some dismay by granting planning permission for the former High Street premises of NatWest Bank to be converted into a single dwelling rather than it becoming a retail outlet.   The total floor space is given as 330 square metres which suggests flats to be the most likely outcome.

The Tour of Britain cycle race penultimate stage duly passed through Newhaven on the way to a finish in Brighton.  Although providing a fine spectacle for the public who turned out in numbers the ITV coverage of the town’s sector was to say the least, disappointing.

MP Norman Baker has called for ESCC to eliminate the Newhaven ring road by making North Way two-way for through traffic and South Way also two-way but for local traffic.

NPP have put forward a proposed port development extending the east quay southward for 300 metres and then later further still by removing part of the eastern harbour arm. At a public presentation they said that they have funds for the first part but not the second.

August 2014

Regarded as a most successful breeding year at the Tide Mills location, both wheatears and ringed plovers have produced young nesting there.

Several hundred people climbed the barriers to the still-closed West Beach in a protest which involved taking along socks to tie to the fence.

Artists from both Dieppe and Newhaven combined to set up a floating art exhibition on one of the cross-channel ferries.

Rusty, one of the seals recently entertaining the public at Newhaven, gave birth to a pup in the harbour but sadly both she and the pup have died.

Work on Conversion of the Marine and Carpenters’ Workshops into premises suitable to house the University Technical College is due to begin on September 1st.  The college has already appointed its first Principal who will take up the post on that day. The College is to specialise in a mix of marine and environmental skills.

This year’s Tour of Britain cycle race is to include the A259 through Newhaven arriving from Eastbourne and Seaford before departing on the C7 to finish in Brighton after looping round to make an ascent of Ditchling Beacon.  This will be the last stage before the finalé in London the next day.

July 2014

The Government approved an E.ON application to proceed with the Rampion Offshore Wind Farm cementing Newhaven’s role as the operational base for construction and maintenance. The number of turbines planned is within the range of between 100 and 175 and between 180 and 210 mtrs high depending on the turbine size selected.  The intended location is to be between 13 and 23 kms offshore and over a site area of between 139 and 167 sq.mtrs. over a water depth of 19 to 50 mtrs.  The project is expected to generate up to 750 jobs and yield enough power to supply the equivalent of 450000 homes. From where it comes ashore there is to be a 26.4 km underground cable to a new National Grid substation near Bolney.

LDC granted planning permission to build the proposed University Technical College at Railway Quay and integrate an adjacent listed marine workshops and carpenters workshop.

LDC also approved the use of the derelict town centre site in Meeching Road to relocate the Fire Station from its existing location in Fort Road. This building is to include a police station and council office as earlier proposed.

Two seals dubbed Rusty & Sam have been creating interest locally swimming up-river beyond the lifeboat station in the harbour for several weeks.

HSBC, the last bank standing in Newhaven, announced it is closing the branch in September.

Supernarket Group Asda threw a giant spanner in the works of the Avalon plan for an LDC approved Eastside development by announcing their withdrawal from this project.

The exotic-sounding Water Park proposal announced in 2012 does not appear to have progressed and is locally considered to be dead.

June 2014

The Harbourside Inn, formerly known as The Sheffield Hotel, which has stood empty for three years, has had plans approved to become a local supermarket.

May 2014

Demolition began on the former Parker Pen Company building which had had its h/q in Newhaven since 1987 until moved to France in 2009. The company was famous not only for pens but also later for the quick-drying Quink Ink. Plans for the site include homes and a community centre

Newhaven News January to December 2013

Decembe 2013

The section of the Brighton to Seaford railway line running between Newhaven and Seaford was completed 150 years ago this month,

August 2013

The Department of Transport has allocated a sizeable fund to help build a cycle path along the bank of the River Ouse between Piddinghoe and Lewes. This is expected to form part of the Egrets Way network of pathways intended to make possible off-road cycling from Newhaven to Lewes.

A revamped Open Market commenced in Newhaven High Street with 22 stalls and is expected to operate on Thursdays and Saturdays each week.

July 2013

A High Court ruling giving rights to smalll fishing boats to share in allowable catch quotas appears to help fleets like those operating out of Newhaven but locally some doubts were expressed regarding the effectiveness of the decision.

Newhaven’s current swing bridge has been operating for 40 years and is considered to be in need of an overhaul.  Tenders are being sought for this work

June 2013

Work was completed on the refurbishment of Fishing stage No.16 by Haven Home Construction and they are expected to also refurbish Stage No.13 at a later date.

Planning permission was granted to build a new library using the former M&Co High Street site. No date has been announced for the project although it was expected to be open by the end of the year.

May 2013

The Environmental Agency held a presentation at Tideway School to show the effect of higher tides on the River Ouse due to climate change.

The Vietnamese Ambassador, Vu Quang Minh, visited the town and presented Newhaven with a three foot high bronze statue of Hoc Chi Minh on what would have been his 123rd birthday. It celebrated the links between the town and Ho Chi Minh, who worked as a pastry chef on the Newhaven to Dieppe ferry, before his rise to power.

March 2013

The West Beach conflict went to the Royal Courts of Justice with Newhaven Town Council being allowed to appeal the judge’s Judicial Review decision in favour of Newhaven Port & Properties in November 2011. A decision from the 3 judges in favour of The Town Council came through quite quickly. NPP however will be seeking leave to appeal this decision so it is unlikely that the Beach will be accessible to the public any time soon.

February 2013

Round Table Entertainments said that in the spring it will open a Consultation centre in Newhaven for six months to enable residents to discuss its proposed Water Park project. The figures of a £350 million investment and 3000 sustainable local jobs were put forward

January 2013

East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service announced that they would be building a new future-proofed fire station in Newhaven on the Meeching Road, Saxenholme site which they have purchased. The building will be shared with LDC staff and the Police and both bodies will vacate their current Fort Road locations.

E.ON submitted their application for the Rampion Offshore Wind Farm project to the Planning Inspectorate.  There are several stages to go through and a decision is not expected until mid-2014.

Newhaven News January to December 2012

December 2012

Revised plans were submitted by E.ON relating to the Rampion Offshore Wind Farm. It is expected that these plans will become available for public access and comment in the new year.

LDC have again rejected the Arrowcroft application for regeneration of the Railway Quay area and approved, by 6 votes to 5 after the use of a casting vote, the Avalon plan for an Eastside Asda store with adjacent homes and commercial units.

November 2012

ESCC plan to sell Riverside Park, a former landfill site, to Round Table Entertainments for £1 This would enable RTE to proceed with an attempt to gain planning permission for a hotel and water park leisure development. If this fails to materialise the land ownership would return to ESCC.

A Snow Bunting was spotted at Tide Mills.  These birds are not often seen in the south of England and are Amber listed as a “species of special concern.”

October 2012

Energy company E.ON have selected Newhaven to be the base of operations and maintenance for the proposed Rampion Offshore Windfarm if and when it receives approval

September 2012

A combined bid by LDC, Brighton University and the Aldridge Foundation is to be made for a Newhaven technical university to encompass marine and environmental engineering.

One of the prme sources of Newhaven news, the Sussex Express, this month revamped its style to present a new look.

August 2012

A fresh 7 foot Cormorant sculpture was installed at Newhaven Port replacing the 12 year-old one which had become the worse for wear.  Made of galvanised steel the sculpture was created by South Heighton artist Christian Funnell.

Ceramic fish made from clay and created by visors to the town’s annual Fish Festival were displayed on the walls surrounding West Quay to form a Fish Trail.  The total of 60 fish is intended to commemorate the Queen’s 60 years on the throne.

July 2012

Suggesting it could be a UK landmark, Roundtable Entertainments presented a proposal for a Water Park with a giant dome to be located just north of the ring road. 

Newhaven Chamber of Commerce held its “Bastille Day” barbeque at The Hope Inn on 14th July.

The 120 year-old Harbourside Inn, formerly known as Sheffield Arms, has received planning permission for conversion into flats.

Veolia held the official opening of their Waste Incinerator against a background of protesters.  The project had been the subject of controversy since its inception.

Mayor Graham Amy cut the ribbon opening The Drove restaurant of KFC who are also making this Newhaven location their national headquarters.

LDC have decided to offer Scheduled Ancient Monument Newhaven Fort for long-term lease as a visitor attraction.  It is said to be incurring an annual loss of £200000 even though the Fort had 32000 visitors in 2011.

June 2012

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, visiting Newhaven’s Halfords store, said he was impressed by the great sense of community spirit in Newhaven.

Newhaven gardeners raised almost £1000 for Sussex Beacon HIV charity when they opened their gardens to the public for a day.

May 2012

The Avalon project to build an Asda store plus homes, commercial units and the first part of a port access road at Newhaven eastside was approved by LDC planners by 6 votes to 5 after a 5 hour public meeting at Tideway School.

It was announced that Kentucky Fried Chicken were to not only open a restaurant at the Drove in July but to also make it their national headquarters.

March 2012

ESCC acquired a property in High Street, Newhaven intended to house the new town library planned to open in 2014.

Cross Stone, one of the three contenders with plans to develop Newhaven’s Eastside, surpisingly withdrew from the contest.

A High Court Judicial Review upheld NPP’s appeal against the proposal to make Newhaven’s sandy West Beach a village green.

February 2012

A series of exhibitions and public consultations were announced relating to E,on’s proposed Rampion Offshore Windfarm intended to be located in the sea 13 kilometers to the south of Newhaven with assembly and maintenance located in the town itself. It was reported that the expected capacity could be enough to supply 450000 homes. E.on were also considering Shoreham as an alternative option.

Newhaven lifeboat was launched for 55 emergencies in 2011 and assisted 69 people.  It was the third busiest in Sussex and Hampshire.

January 2012

An application was submitted to LDC for the Harbourside Inn, until recent years known as the Sheffield Hotel, to be flats.

NPP released what they referred to as a Final Master Plan for Newhaven.  This plan included a proposal to invest in infrastructure for an off-shore wind farm.

Newhaven News January to December 2011

December 2011

The upgraded level crossing at Tide Mills, intended to be more easy to negotiate, was reported to be “fully open for business” and campaigners celebrated. Interestingly it was said to be “just about the busiest pedestrian railway-crossing in the country.” Network Rail cautioned users to read and follow the instructions for using the altered crossing.

Councillors from Lewes and Newhaven met with representatives of NPP, MP Norman Baker and the Mayor of Dieppe Sebastian Jumel to discuss future plans for the Port. Mr Baker reportedly felt that it was a very useful meeting and that there was strong agreement on the way forward. Goodness!

Developer Arrowcroft launched a Public Consultation Website related to their plans for redevelopment of part of the area eastside of the river known as the Railway Quarter. Aside from a supermarket and a new ferry terminal the plans include restoration of the listed buildings and a board walk.

Another development plan on the river eastside – this by Cross Stone - is proposing a new “Town Square” with shops restaurants and a petrol station in the region of the former Parker Pen factory.

Sussex Police received a report of three people abandoning a car after it crashed into Mandies Hair Studio on South Way. Owner of the salon Mandy Reed told the Sussex Express that this was the second vehicle to damage her premises.

NatWest Bank announced that they would close the Newhaven Branch in March 2012.

The Seven Sisters cliffs have been voted the nation’s eighth best Winter Wonderland view according to a survey by OscarUK. Top one was Lake Windermere.

Newhaven F.C. were granted a lease on their Fort Road ground by the LDC along with building permission to upgrade the stand and improve the facilities.

RNLI fundraisers managed to exceed their target £30000 for the Newhaven lifeboat during 2012 which had proved to be a very busy year fot the service with rescue assistances averaging more than one a week.

November 2011

The Environment Agency has suggested that a substantial part of the Sussex Coastline will be eroded during the next 20 years increasing the risk of flooding.

Ouse Valley Cycle Network held a meeting at the Hillcrest Centre to progress their project for a riverside cycleway between Newhaven and Lewes.

A Seaford mother has launched a campaign to ban parking on pavements and grass verges in her town on the grounds that it is both dangerous for pedestrians and costly to repair the damage done. 

After a long campaign by Friends of Tide Mills and local media, Network Rail has agreed to an upgrading of the level crossing to give improved pedestrian access to the Tide Mills area.  This work is due to be completed on December 7th.

Lewes District Council is considering operating from just two centres - Southover House  in Lewes and Fort Road offices in Newhaven.  The thinking is to dispose of some premises which, it is said, would save £200000 per year.

Arrowcroft & RBS announced plans for redevelopment of the Railway Quarter of Newhaven on the east side of the River Ouse south of the bridge.  The proposal includes restoration and utilisation of the Marine Workshops, a riverside boardwalk and a supermarket.

Due to disruption of the rail service for engineering works, MP Norman Baker missed his regular Sunday morning slot on Seahaven FM Radio for the first time in two years.

Newhaven signed a twinning link with French town La Chapelle-Saint-Mesmin at a ceremony on November 13.  Chapelle is in the Loire valley 190 miles south of Dieppe

October 2011

Four men found guilty of smuggling cannabis worth £M10 in July aboard the MV Majestic were jailed for between 5 and 10 years.  The vessel is believed to have commenced its journey in North Africa before being intercepted off the Isle of Wight and brought into Newhaven by the UK Border Agency.

Newhaven Lifeboat went to the aid of a trawler where a fire had broken out in the engine room while the scallop nets were deployed on the sea bed 20 miles offshore. The fire was extinguished by the crew themselves and the engine briefly restarted under lifeboat crew supervision to enable the nets to be recovered after which the trawler towed back to its base at Newhaven.

September 2011

Playing the guitar and singing, 11 year old Newhaven schoolgirl Morgan Smith has won the right to compete in the regional finals of a top national music competition Open Mike UK.  If successful she will perform on stage at the O2 Arena.

July 2011

The changed location for recycling household waste has opened at its New Road site on the north side of the A259 near to the river bridge. This unit is on a split-level with vehicle access to some facilities being at container-top level making disposal of awkward or heavy items much easier.

A crowd estimated at around 3000 turned up for the outdoor theatre Newhaven Cormorant, produced jointly by Zap Art and Generik Vapeur, to watch as spectacular floating, land-based and aerial events created a facinating show culminating in a zipwire plunge from Newhaven Fort to the seafront below. A further but different show is planned in September 2012 for which Zap Art have won Heritage Lottery Support.

A beachcomber was reported by Samantha Clark in the Sussex Express to have found a WWII bomb on the West Beach and carried it to the Coatguard Station in Fort Road.  A cordon was set up and nearby houses evacuated until an army bomb disposal team arrived from Folkestone and took it away to be dealt with.

A freak fire was caused at the Cooperative Funeral Care premises in High Street by the sun’s rays shining on a glass paperweight. The Fire Brigade investigation suggested that the paperweight became a magnifying mirror and had in turn set light to a picture frame and velvet material.

Newhaven Port and Properties released a new “Masterplan” for the Port.  This included the introduction of rail freight, and bidding for building the offshore Ramplon Windfarm.

June 2011

Avalon Newhaven LLP, in conjunction with Asda and Barratt Homes, have put forward plans to Lewes District Council for a redevelopment on the Eastside site of Newhaven.  This would include 190 homes, an Asda store and other commercial properties.

An outdoor event to be called Newhaven Cormorant is the result of collaboration between Brighton’s Zap Art and France’s General Vapeur. This will be a free street production during next month set in and around Newhaven Harbour which will be the stage for a combined show of music, illuminations and daredevil feats.

Landscaping of the waste incinerator site is planned to commence in the summer along with commissioning prior to commencement of full operation at the end of 2011. Complaints of smells thought to be coming from the incinerator were received by Veolia who said only steam was coming from their chimney and that doors to the “tipping hall” were only opened when deliveries were due.

May 2011

Retailer Poundstretcher is set to take over the Alworths store which had been trading in Woolworths former premises in Newhaven High Street.

A four-masted tall sailing ship, 80 year old “Windjammer Legend” Sea Cloud, with cruise passengers aboard visited the Port of Newhaven arriving at 1.30pm on the afternoon of 20 May 2011 en route from Ostend to Portland as part of a Garden Cruise from Bremerhaven to Portsmouth. (
see Gallery for Photo) Itineraries mentioned Denmans and Brighton as the shore destination options.  Sea Cloud was expected to leave at 7.00pm but the eventual departure was at midnight making for an interesting coastal sail during the hours of darkness.  A rapid return second visit to Newhaven was made on May 30th with a shore visit to Firle Place scheduled. This time Sea Cloud arrived at 7.30am and departed at 3pm for a night Channel crossing to Honfleur. (Click special Sea Cloud Visit link for photos)

Titan’s two massive six-legged platforms moored at the harbour entrance since October 2010 and reported  to be leaving in March show no sign of departing yet. (
see Gallery for Photos)  At present one at least is having about 50ft cut off the top of each leg. The gossip is that it or they will then go to Egypt for a job there. Odd?

April 2011

Alworths, the company who opened a shop in Newhaven High Street in August 2010, have gone into administration and the shop has been closed.

Samantha Clark reported in the Sussex Express that ownership of Newhaven Fort might be “handed to a private company” to finance a revamp.  The figure quoted was £M3.5 over a period of 10 years which one might think quite small in the context of a major tourist attraction.  The fort claims to have had 30000 visitors last year.

The five ponds known as the Valley Ponds Site of Nature Conservation Interest are to become a wildlife haven and the grass formerly mown will be allowed to grow long with pathway access.

Reports appeared in the media of smoke emanating from the waste incinerator chimney with the unusually persistent easterly breeze blowing it towards Peacehaven. Meanwhile the leader of ESCC claimed that passing the plan to build it was his proudest achievement.

March 2011

Avalon LLP have revived and revamped plans first exhibited in 2009 for a major development in the Eastside area of Newhaven to include an ASDA supermarket and 200 homes plus 14 commercial units and a new port access road. The application was expected to be submitted to Lewes District Council within a few weeks.

Newhaven Lifeboat Coxswain Ian Johns has retired after 37 years service since 1974.  He was appointed coxswain nine years ago and will be replaced by Paul Legendre.

According to Friends of Tide Mills the UK’s smallest bird of prey, the Merlin. has been spotted hunting in the area. This tiny falcon is on the RSPB amber list.

Funding has been granted for two signs, reportedly costing about £1000 each, to be strategically placed encouraging more shoppers to use the Town Centre

Veolia, having been restricted to 10 deliveries to the waste incinerator on Bank Holidays, reminded Newhaven that the plant was due to commence operation in November 2011 by applying for this to be increased to 70.

February 2011

Southdown Junior School celebrated a book week by dressing themselves up in costume as literary characters from the stories they were reading.

A free outdoor gym featuring several impressive items of equipment suitable for both older children and adults was been opened at the Fort Road Recreation Ground and is proving very popular.

LDC gave approval for the building of a library in Newhaven High Street and it is reported that this will be funded jointly by Newhaven Community Development Association, ESCC, City Builders and SEEDA.  Objections were made by many members of The Gateway Church which is currently occupying part of the space designated for the library.

Work began on Shakespeare Hall’s £15000 upgrade to its facilities following the rescue by the local authorities and Wave Leisure.  The building is scheduled to reopen in April.

One in August, two more in November and in February a fourth.  Lidl announced the opening of their new store in Drove Road Retail Park.

January 2011

The year started well with the news that RBS West Registry had bought land at Newhaven formerly owned by Oakdene Homes when they went in liquidation and intended to revive the Oakdene development plans - in particular the third phase along the West Bank adjacent to the Marina.  New notices were issued to nearby residents inviting observations.  It is not clear whether RBS West Registry intend to pursue the further Oakdene projects on the East Bank.

Further good news was the announcement of a project to convert one of the vacant High Street premises into a Library and Community Hub. Work is planned to commence in March 2011.

Radio station Seahaven FM announced the launch of seven-day a week local broadcasting after running on a part-time basis for three years. Although based at Seaford it covers the coastline along to Newhaven and Peacehaven.

Newhaven News January to December 2010

December 2010

The 18th Century swing bridge at Southease, between Newhaven and Lewes, had its extensive  restoration completed and the event was given celebratory recognition by a variety of local organisations.

The month proved to be very cold with extensive snow throughout the UK.  Newhaven had some share of the snow and fortuitously a number of new grit bins had been installed around the town just prior to its arrival.

Following the announcement in October, Lewes District Council duly approved the application to register the West Beach as a Village Green.  Newhaven Port & Properties then announced it would be seeking a judicial review and that the area would meanwhile remain closed. Vehicle access by the public to the foreshore parking area has now been closed off.

November 2010

Among its many prestigious annual business awards, Sussex Express Newspaper has LD Lines in place to sponsor its Innovation in Business Award.  Currently LD Lines runs only two return sailings per day with its ferry Seven Sisters.  Sister ship Cote d’Albatre, now believed to be operating Portsmouth-Le Havre, had been running in tandem with Seven Sisters on the Dieppe crossing after their construction was completed in 2006. The stated ambition then was to reduce the crossing time from four hours to three.

A smuggler convicted of illegally bringing millions of cigarettes through Newhaven Port was sentenced to four years imprisonment.

Subject to completion of formalities, the household waste and re-cycling centre in Lewes Road will be replaced by a facility to be built in New Road.

Newhaven’s Polly Pomfrey has successfully published a cookery book. The content is dedicated to the making of Whoopie Pies which, despite their name, turn out to be a type of cake. Well done Polly - this writer is envious!

Retailer Pets at Home opened a new store in Drove Road, Newhaven. Also in Drove Road The Original Factory Shop announced that it would soon be opening a new store. After some serious fund-raising from a variety of supporters, Denton Island Nursery opened a Sensory Room.

The Argus reported that the Co-operative Group who bought Somerfields in 2010 have spent M£550 refurbishing the Newhaven Square store

Network Rail were reported to be having second thoughts regarding the upgrade of a level crossing at Tide Mills

October 2010

After it had been threatened with closure, Wave Leisure, with the financial support of Newhaven Town and Lewes District Councils, has announced that it will continue to provide sports and other activities at Shakespeare Hall.

In her Report dated 6 October 2010 Inspector Ruth Stockley came down in favour of the application to grant Newhaven West Beach Village Green status following a Public Inquiry in July.  After a period in which objections may be made the matter passes to Lewes District Council for either acceptance or rejection of this recommendation.

Within a few days of the above announcement a huge six-legged platform was moored on the West Beach - and then a second one.  According to the Sussex Express they are not expected to depart before March 2011.(
see Gallery for Photos)

East Sussex Fire Authority decided at a meeting on 21 October that it would move Newhaven Fire Station from it’s location in Fort Road to the A259 in order to give a faster service to Peacehaven.

September 2010

After nearly six years since the tragic accident, Shipping Company Forship S.p.a and Newhaven Port were fined a total of over £180000 at Croydon Crown Court in connection with the death of a crew member of ferry Sardinia Vera in January 2005.

Samantha Clark (Sussex Express Sep17) turned the spotlight on a survey by Lewes Consevatives relating to the West Beach Village Green project. It appeared to be worded to try to give ammunition for the Council to oppose the application even should it find favour with the Inspector.

Barclays Bank made a shock announcement that they would be closing their branch at Newhaven on 3rd December

August 2010

Concerned about the struggling nature of the Town Centre Newhaven Community Development Association and the local Chamber of Commerce joined forces to organise  Fete de Newhaven to take place in September and a Christmas shopping event in December.

Sussex Express announced that the former Woolworth store in Newhaven High Street would be reopening in September as General Retailer Alworths a company which, as the name might imply, emerged from the administration of Woolworths with many of its former employees.

July 2010

The Public Inquiry At Meeching Hall into whether the West Beach may be granted Village Green status  took place over three days from July 6-8 and was covered not only by local media but BBC Online. The lady Inspector appointed, not named in the media, is intended to report and make a recommendation to Lewes County Council.   Some weeks is the projected time scale for this and then the County Council will make a formal decision whether to accept her recommendation.  According to the Argus hardly any of the public attended which is hardly surprising as few knew it was happening.

Friends of Tide Mills put in another sterling effort to clear rubbish from that area and announced further meetings to take place in August, to include the summer picnic, and in September when the beach litter survey for the Marine Conservation Society is due to take place.

Samantha Clark composed a most interesting article for the Sussex Express setting out the financial predicament of Shakespeare Hall in Fort Road and a possible rescue of this important community facility by Wave Leisure.

June 2010

Noah’s Ark Nursery School was awarded by watchdog Ofsted a top grading in all the areas of endeavour they monitored.

The Mayor of Newhaven Graham Amy backed a campaign by Newhaven and Seaford trawler owners to encourage residents to buy locally caught fish.

A plan to use the Tide Mills area to assemble sewage pipes may be changed to move the work to Shoreham.  The pipes are needed as part of the system linking up a new sewage works at Hoddern Farm Peacehaven to an outfall at Friars Bay.

April 2010

Progress on construction of the controversial incinerator is very noticeable but grumbling within the town continues.  One of the campaigning websites drew attention to the huge problem of ash disposal saying “Where is this ash going to go? In Germany and Switzerland the fly ash is put into nylon bags and deposited in salt mines. In Japan a number of the incinerators vitrify the ash, making it into a glass-like material, but that takes a huge amount of energy away from the system. For every four tons of trash burned you get at least one ton of ash: 90% is called bottom ash (that is the ash collected under the furnace) and 10% is the very toxic fly ash.” The validity of these technicalities is well beyond the knowledge of this website but those at Lewes in favour of the scheme should remember that the wind does not always blow towards Seaford.

February 2010

An £80000 Parkour facility was announced for Valley Park Road in Newhaven to be funded by Play Pathfinder, Viridor and Newhaven Town Council. According to Wilkepedia - Parkour (sometimes abbreviated to PK), or l'art du déplacement (the art of movement) is the physical discipline of training to overcome any obstacle within one's path by adapting one's movements to the environment.  It is a non-competitive, physical discipline of French origin in which participants run along a route, attempting to negotiate obstacles in the most efficient way possible. Skills such as jumping and climbing, or more specific parkour moves are employed. The goal of a practitioner of parkour, (called a traceur if male, or traceuse if female,) is to get from one place to another using only the human body and the objects in the environment. The obstacles can be anything that is in one's environment, but parkour is often seen practiced in urban areas because of the many suitable public structures available such as buildings and rails.  There is more – do see Wikipedia.
Cllr. Judith Ost was quoted as saying very aptly - “I think we should run with this.

January 2010

Fire appliances, ambulances and police vehicles attended a quite serious incident at Newhaven Beach when a man and his two children suffered burns following an accident with a camping gas cooker.

Eon were awarded the licence to build a 100 turbine wind farm at Hastings Bank, an identified offshore site near to Newhaven.

The smuggler of 3 million cigarettes reportedly worth around £500000, arrested at Newhaven in September 2007, was finally brought to court after disappearing whilst on bail awaiting trial. He was sent to jail for more than three years.

Snow returned in the early part of the month causing transport chaos again

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